BTC FASHION LIMITED is a multinational global corporation

BTC FASHION LIMITED offers a highly flexible and dynamic manufacturing structure for the world clothing market from the BTC owned and operated factories. BTC manufactures garments for countries world wide, including Europe, UK, North America, Asia, The Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and South America. 

BTC FASHION LIMITED has a dedicated team of merchandisers whom excel in offering all clients, without exception, the highest level of communication, information, product research and garment technical knowledge and support.

Since 1990, BTC’s commercial strategies have consistently been based on integrity and a high level of work ethics, empowering the BTC FASHION LIMITED team to strive towards excellence and considerable growth within the international garment community.

What Sustainability Means to Us

Buzz words such as Sustainable Fashion has been more than just a trend. Sustainable Fashion is here to stay. The future of fashion is to cater to what is healthy for the environment, the economy and the people. 

Sustainability is a big discussion factor in the fashion industry, and to us, it means to be environmentally and socially aware of the carbon footprint each garment leaves before, during and after the production process. Sustainability also means to constantly improve the standards for our staff members and workmanship of our products. 

With these factors in mind, BTC continues to strive for quality clothing that is able to withstand trends that come and go so quickly. 

BTC own and operate all of our factories

meaning we have complete transparency in where the cost of the garments come from. This also means we have a close relationship with the fabric sourcing team, the sampling team and the production team. 

We use recycled materials for the hang-tags, polybags, cartons that deliver the garments to customers, and will continue our research on more sustainable practices and how to implement them in this industry. 

Meet the team




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With years of experience producing and manufacturing clothing around the world. We’re a dedicated team of professionals that are eager to help bring your ideas to life.